Friday, January 14, 2011

Ribbon Organization

Can anybody say RIBBON?  I use to store my ribbon on dowels on the wall, but I got tired of dropping the dowels whenever I wanted to take a spool off, so I put them into boxes. 

I was in Joann's one day and I spotted these ART bins for half off and thought they would be perfect for some of my 12x12 papers, so I bought two, they worked really well for my paper.  I then discovered they have grooves on the bottom of them which made them PERFECT for holding the ribbon spools in place.  So I tried it out.  Wunderbar!!! Except for the really tall SU spools that the grosgrain ribbon is on and for those I bought another bin at Wal Mart which is a little taller but has no grooves.  Oh well, you can't win them all.

I numbered each bin, then I cut a small bit of ribbon. I used labels folded over onto themselves to attach to the bit of ribbon,  punched a hole in the label, numbered it, and stuck it on  rings that my good friend Marcine had given me.

I put all four rings onto another ring and hung it with my scissors right next to my desk within easy reach, now I don't have to paw through each bin, I just decide what ribbon I want to use, go get the bin it is in and I am ready to go!!!Did I mention that I went back to Joann's and they still had those bins at 1/2 off?  How great is that, so I bought 3 more.

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