Sunday, July 19, 2009

I was asked about the stamp I used to do the Quilled Rose. This shows the stamp I carved, the stamped image and the image cut out ready for quilling. You just follow the white line around and around with your scissors. It leaves a little base at the end that the flower will rest on once it is quilled Then you insert the outer tip of the image into the slot of the quilling tool and just wind round and round.

Here is the finished rose. Just slip it up off the slot and set it down. The flower sits on its base all by itself. I generally put a drop of Mono Multi glue on the very center at the base to hold it in place. That's all there is to it.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Quilling Tags and Cards.

Tags, tags and more Tags. I am just so into this tag making. When I will ever use them I don't know, I will probably end up giving the tags as gifts.

I am still quilling. Big surprise. I should say I am still using the many quilled flowers I have made in the past week. Now this first one is NOT quilled but it is a tag. Using some of the Designer Paper a cousin gave me and some teeny tiny buttons I found in a jar on my shelf. I did this tag freehand. Not a good idea. They come out much better cut on the Cricut; and so much easier too. Just set it and zippo, presto, a tag and perfectly matching shadow is made.

For this one I used my Cuttlebug die to cut out the "it's a boy", and my Scor-pal to score accent lines above and below the words. Here is the whole set I made this weekend. I love that I am using my fiber and ribbon. I uploaded this out of sequence but didn't want to go back and re do it. Oh well.
I love the look of this one. I went outside the box colorwise. I am so not into brights, but the DP just happened to match two roses that I had made and miracle of miracles, ribbon to match. This was cut on the Cricut using the George Cartridge tag #1 and the shadow for the tag at 3 1/2 inches. The leaves are the Martha Stewart Rose leaf punch and the branch punch

Tag is cut with the Cricut George cartridge also but at 4 1/2 inches. I used my new Quickutz
"Stripe Frame" embossing folder. Quilled flower and crystals and ribbon from Walmart. SU sentiment.

another 4 1/2 inch Tag, quilled fringed flowers, the DP doesn't show up very well but it truly adds to the piece.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Quilling we will go

Greetings everyone. It has been so long since I posted. We have been so busy lately, going places visiting people, and having company here. I haven't had a chance to stamp or create anything for a long time.
While I was away visiting, one of my cousins gave me a book on quilling. She had thought it said "Quilting" and bought it by mistake. Well, she knew I could use it, so she very nicely passed it my way, and of course these two projects will be hers as a thank you.
I had done some quilling years ago, so I still have my tools, and I must say the Martha Stewart Rose punch and the branch punch sure work well with these pieces. The TONS of Fiber I bought and have never used will come in handy as I will be making lots of gift tags. Woohoo!!
The tag below is made using some scraps I had leftover from some DP I bought at the dollar store. I did the fringing by hand but would really like to purchase a fringer one day. Let's see how long my interest in this last though before I invest that much money. These roses have been hanging out in a little tin for years also. I am finally putting them to use. I went to a stamp convention where I bought the quilling tools and a set of carving tools. I carved a stamp of a flower to use for the quilling. How thrify was that? I love the pearls which come in strips with adhesive already on them. Makes them much easier to attach. They were a gift so now the task is to find out where I can get more.