Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Love You Card

The challenge is to make a card a day (Thanks alot Lisa!). It is not always possible, but I am having fun trying. Here is yesterday's card. I found this DP and thought the colors were masculine even though there are flowers, they are not "cutesey". This is what I came up with after working on it on and off all day. Don't you hate it when housework gets in the way? I had to do laundry in between stamping.LOL!!!
I found a Spellbinders die set of a heart shaped lock and a key that I had gotten quite a while ago, so my theme became I love you. I will handwrite a sentiment, like maybe, you hold the key to my heart?

I utilized a little strip of DP that was leftover, on the inside. I normally leave the inside of my cards blank because I never know who or what I am going to use the card for. Since I made this specifically for my DH, I went ahead and completed the inside. I love the key, and I love that I had fibers to match the colors of the DP.

I just may make a bookmark using the remaining DP and fibers. What do you think? Something that says Books are Your Key to Adventure?

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Carrie said...

Ok Becki,I LOVE THIS! That heart lock and key are to die for...too cute!! I haven't seen that anywhere around here. Good luck with the card/day. So far you're off to a great start.