Monday, January 11, 2010

Birthday blues.

It's been a productive couple of days. Four cards, Woo Hoooooo!!! I will be greedy and post them one at a time because I did not stamp today and I can't tomorrow either, and there is also the fact that I only have a quick few minutes to post.

This card is nowhere near what I visualized when I started. I have been trying to get away from using flowers so much but these two started speaking to me quietly. Then they got really loud so I just had to shut them up. LOL!!! The label punch sentiment came abpit because I put a big ole smudge there and had to cover it up. The frame is also another boo boo. It is suppose to say Birthday girl in the middle but I tore it when I took it off the Cricut sticky mat (new mat, have to be careful)

So, now you know that creativity has a way of nudging you the way it wants to go rather where YOU think it should go. I had loads of fun and frustration making this card, hope you enjoy looking at it.

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Carrie said...

Becky this card is beautiful and those flowers are to die for. Did you make them?