Friday, July 18, 2008

Oldies but Goodies

The 1st and 2nd card are examples of my tatted flowers, made years ago. I was watching Carol Duvall one day and there was a lady on there demonstrating how to TAT. Well, thank goodness that it was a recorded segment because I was able to rewind and rewind until I got the hang of doing the flowers. I later ordered a book and got into a little bit more advanced stuff but that was a lot later. The reason I am showing them here is because I sent one of my Pen Pals some of these little tatted flowers and this is a good example of how I used them.

While I was looking through my stuff for those examples I saw the buzzard card. I made this for one of my sisters for her birthday and the reason I liked it was because it was my first attempt at drawing. I was looking at the Stamps by Judith website and really liked that stamp. Well I didn't have the stamps and it was too close to her birthday to order them so I drew them. I have never been able to duplicate the little buzzard, how weird is that? Any way she got a big kick out of it and I was really pleased to discover once I got past my "perfectionist" concept that it had to be EXACTLY like what I was copying I was ok. Thanks for looking!

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Julie said...

Wow love those cards. The TAT ones are gorgeous. Would love to learn how to do that. Love the buzzard, to funny. :)