Saturday, February 21, 2009


This is my bow tying contraption. I saved the tubes that adding machine paper comes on. I then glued them together with hot glue. My husband sawed a piece of wood to anchor them to and I again used hot glue to glue them onto the piece of wood. I keep it in a drawer right next to me and I attache it to the drawer with velcro, that way it doesn't move at all when I use it. We bought a long dowel and DH cut the dowel to a usuable size. You can space the dowel whatever distance you want depending on how big your ribbon is. The pictures below show how I go about tying the bow. You wrap the ribbon around the dowels and cross them

Bring one end up and over the loops

Bring the ribbon down the other side

Tie a knot.

Tighten the knot.

And Voila! you have a bow!!!

Just slip the bow up off the dowels and and a few touches to straighten it out


Bonnie said...

WOW! Is that ever so clever. Neat!

The Mama Monkey said...

What a great idea! I think you should patent that (seriously). Before you charge $20 for it, can you send a "beta" version to Japan?? LOL

merrymstamper said...

awesome, you are clever! lovely nails too.