Monday, January 5, 2009

Unmounting my stamps

I am in the process of unmounting my SU stamps as they take up a LOT of my space in their little plastic boxes. I microwave the stamps for around 10 seconds, pull the stamp, foam and all, off the wood, pull the plastic picture of the stamp off and put that on top of the foam, and trim. I then fit them into the CD plastic case (I put double stick tape on the plastic case to keep them in place)

Then I photo copy the finished case. I put a copy (cut to size) on the opposite side of the CD case so I know what goes where when I put the stamp back. I have all my SU stamps sets numbered so I print a label and attach it to the side facing me from the shelf.

The 1st picture is of the photo copied side, the second is of the actual stamps.

I have also put my acrylic stamps into CD cases. I cut up the plasctic sheet with the picture of the stamp that comes with each acrylic set and use double stick tape to adhere each picture to the CD case.

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