Monday, January 12, 2009

Pretty in Pink - Rabbit

It's done. I worked on this image forever it seems like!! I was not happy with the basket. It just did not want to blend. The problem I know is that I stamped it on the wrong paper. I have to remember to use either my Matte white or my SU Whisper White if I intend to color an image. The color comes out so much better. I finally finish the image, then I got my Labe 2 Nesties. So I tried those out too. Then the image sat for a long while because of course nothing worked.
Yesterday, at the end of the day as I was cleaning up my area, I came across it again. Then within like 10 minutes I had it together. Go figure. My problem was I was resisting using the Pink as a background but I soooooooooooooooo love pink. And, it seems everything I do lately has a white base. That is a good thing I think because it Brightens my day. So I will be loading several cards I made recently and most of them have a white base. Ah well, maybe next week I will have a color epiphany, meanwhile here is my number one post for the day!
1. White Xerox CS with Pretty in Pink mat.
2. SU polka Dot BG stamp with Pretty in Pink Ink
3. Pink with white Polka Dot Ribbon from Walmart (I think, possibly Joanne's , my only 2 options here)
4. Prima's were originally white, dyed Pretty in Pink.
5. Wal Mart crystals, pink of course. These are self adhesive and I love them.
6. MS branch punch and MS rose leaf punch, green CS , Mat Pack, Joanne's
7. Last, but not least the SU stamp from Serene Spring which was a gift from a friend who coincidently love Pink also!!!!


The Mama Monkey said...

Oh, this is so adorable!! Great job...resistance to pink is futile! LOL

Julie said...

I love it. I think it turned out great and I know a certain someone who would love this as well. :)