Thursday, January 8, 2009

Acrylic Stamp Storage

Here are some of my new $1.00 sets. The acrylic stamps adhere to the plastic case with no problem. (picture #1) I just cut out the plastic picture that comes with the set and stick it to the opposite side of the case with double stick tape. I put a piece of white paper over the pictures strictly so that I can see what is in the case much better. (picture #2) As with the SU unmounted, I then photo copy and put it in my Stamp Catolog binder, print a label with the set # and stick that on the side of the case and put it on my shelf. (when I get an opportunity I will take a picture of the catalog, the side of the case and the shelf so you can see the entire system.)They sit on the shelf in numerical order so all I have to do is look in the binder for the stamp I want, look at the number and find it on the shelf. I already have my SU stamps cataloged and I am keeping the number I assigned them originally, so all I have to do is put them in the case I don't have to put them in the catolog again and that is saving me some time.
One drawback I have found with the unmounted is that I have to be VERY careful when I set them down after I take them off the acrylic block. I MUST put them back in the case right away or I will lose them, and I MUST put the cassette back on the shelf right away too as I have misplaced a full cassette and I can't find it. I KNOW it is stuck in a stack of paper somewhere, but I haven't run across it yet. I know this because I found an empty cassette stuck in a stack of paper. The only other drawback is that with my other system if I was using a stamp repeatedly I would take it out and leave it on my desk and put the others in the set away. I knew where to put it back because it had the box # I assigned it written on the side of the wood. Made it wonderful for returning stamps to their assigned places. Guess what? You can't write on acrylics. I have found that with a sharpie I can write on the SU ones but I have yet to do that. But that is a peculiarity to my system only and may not bother anyone else.
Sorry about the long winded explanation, but some of my Pen Pals wanted to know how I did this. More pictures to follow and I hope to also post a few cards. TFL!

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Julie said...

Great system. I am going to have to consider doing this with my clear stamps. Where do you get the cd cases to hold them in. Hugs