Saturday, November 8, 2008

Black and Blue I see you

I really hate my computer sometimes. Or rather, I hate Windows Vista, to be precise. I started posting this and ran into some problems, let's see if I can fix them.

Well I was checking out the Mama Monkeys blog and found a challenge on there. Since today I finally got to stamp, and I am in a real slumpy funk I thought I would use the challenge as a starting point. It is SBG1 challenge #1. Make an black and blue card. Here is my entry and I'm glad I did it because I really got a kick out of it.


thescrapmaster said...

Hi Becki! Nice to meet you :)

Your card is beautiful and I just love the way you only embossed part of the card base.


The Mama Monkey said...

Wow! Awesome job on the card! Isn't it cool how we all make a completely different card?! Love it!