Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rainbow Sherbet

I love these colors. They remind me of rainbow sherbet which brings back fond memories of my childhood. We use to go to the corner store every once in a great while and our father would give each one a dime for a double scoop of ice cream. Except for me. He gave me a nickel for a single scoop since I was only around 4 or 5.
Naturally, I always felt left out. The store owner, nice person that she was, always gave me an extra little scoop on top to make me feel grown up. I always chose Rainbow Sherbet, because I loved the colors! That was before I discovered ROCKY ROAD of course!!! Now I am usually torn choosing between the two.
I am still using my scraps from my scrap box. This Thanks has hung around forever so it was time I used it. Thanks for looking!!!!

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