Monday, June 23, 2008

Mom's Birthday Card

It's my Mom's birthday tomorrow the 24th. Guess what? I made a card for her. BUT, as usual, I am late!

I got the inspirations for this in this weeks Limited Supplies Challenge. To use a shape other than round, rectangular or square. I thought right away of this pattern I had gotten out of a magazine which would be perfect for my Mom! Of course it helped that I had been looking for something just a little while before and ran across the pattern.

I had the little turtle that I had drawn and colored a long time ago on my desk with the pink flowers next to it, because I have also been trying to use my scraps and images already on hand. The TAC DP I just got so fit the colors of the Turtle and the Pixie Pink fit in with the flowers.

Sometimes it is amazing how it all comes together. The ribbon was also matching so I threw that in. All in all I am pretty pleased, added to the fact I don't normally use bold bright colors so that took me out of my comfort zone too.


Julie said...

Wow what a great card I am sure you Mom will love it. Love that turtle. :)

Bonnie said...

Very pretty! I love the bright colors, as that I dont get to work with those colors much. Nicely done

laos348 said...

That is really pretty - I'm sure she is going to love it.